The Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried Cow Ears for Dogs. Premium Hand Selected, Large Size, Sun-Dried Cow Ears.

Enjoy the nutritional excellence of The Good Pupp™ Brands' Cow Ears, each offering 80% protein and only 130 calories, a testament to balanced indulgence. Derived from grass-fed cows, these treats are untouched by artificial additives, ensuring purity. Collagen-rich, they are architects of enhanced joint mobility and radiant skin. The chewy consistency is a strategic design, not just for sensory pleasure but as a catalyst for impeccable oral health. Each bite aids in mitigating plaque and tartar, fortifying teeth and gums. Choose The Good Pupp's Cow Ears for a journey into a world where taste and health coexist seamlessly.

Product description

The benefits of The Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried Cow Ears for dogs:

  1. Treat Your Furry Friend: Sun-Dried Cow ears for dogs are a popular, natural, and healthy dog treat that is high in protein, low in fat, and gluten-free. With a crunchy texture and long-lasting chew, they can help promote good oral hygiene and keep dogs entertained for hours.
  2. Air-Dried for Quality: Our cow ears are made through a slow air-drying process that takes several days to extract moisture and make them easier to chew. This process also makes them more fibrous and provides a long-lasting chew that your dog will love.
  3. All-Natural and Safe: Cow ears are a healthy, all-natural dog treat with no added chemicals or preservatives. They are low in calories and can help with digestive problems, as well as keeping your dog's gums and teeth clean.
  4. A Natural Dewormer: Cow ears with hair can be used as a natural dewormer for dogs. They help to clean out the digestive system, improving overall health and well-being.
  5. Essential Nutrition: Cow ears provide vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients and are a great alternative to deworming tablets when part of a balanced diet.
  6. Safe and Nutritious: Cow ears are safe for dogs and can be given in moderation. While they contain a lot of protein, they should not be used as a daily treat. One cow ear a week is fine, depending on the size of the dog.
  7. Perfect for All Dogs: Cow ears are safe for dogs and can be given to dogs once they are at least 9 months old. They are a great alternative to rawhide chews and contain very little fat and calories. Puppies should be given softer natural treats instead.
  8. Fun and Nutritious: Cow ears are a great way to provide your dog with both entertainment and nutrition. They are long-lasting treats with natural benefits, making them an ideal choice for dogs and their owners.
  9. A Great Pick for Dog Owners: If you're looking for an enjoyable and nutritious treat for your dog, look no further than cow ears! They are a great pick for dog owners who want to give their Good Pupp the very best.
  10. All of our Sun-Dried Selections undergo oven baking at a minimum temperature of 160°F (71°C) for 30 minutes to ensure thorough elimination of pathogens.


Exceptional Nutrition for Exceptional Companions.

High in Protein and Low in Fat

Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried products offer your dog a nutritious, delicious, low-calorie, low-fat snack.

Delivers Vitamins and Minerals

Packed with vital nutrients, including niacin, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins B12, A, and E, these treats contribute to your pet’s overall wellness.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

The fibrous content of our sun-dried products helps promote healthy digestion and regular bowel movements, which can positively impact your dog's coat and skin health.

Improves Oral Hygiene

The Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried products have a crunchy texture that helps to remove plaque and tartar, promoting good oral hygiene and reducing the risk of dental problems.

Engaging Pastime

Regular chewing of The Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried selection will help to keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained.

Experience the Difference

Delight your dog with The Good Pupp™ Sun-Dried Selection and experience the difference in their health, happiness, and overall well-being.